My Name is Max

I've always been creative, and I've always been drawn to both action sports and water.

I grew up skateboarding; snowboarding; riding bikes and playing rugby, though have always had a passion for design, creativity and striking imagery. I have been involved in fitness for more than 12 years, which affords me an experienced eye when capturing the body, movements and energy.

Encountering injury after injury through my own pursuits of strength, fitness and competitive sport resulted in me picking up a camera and channeling my experience through the lens.

Now a divemaster; freediver and ocean advocate, I gain enormous fulfilment from turning creativity outside of sport and fitness towards surfing and automotive machines. In combination with fitness; sport and auto, specialising in underwater and water-based photography grants me a unique perspective in capturing the dynamic, driven nature of human performance and exploration.

With every drop of water you drink, every breath you take, you're connected to the sea. No matter where on Earth you live.

Sylvia Earle, marine scientist

Surf House Dubai

Max has been a great addition to the UAE surfing community, snapping moments and the local talent at our beloved home break, Sunset Beach. His way of editing shows not just his means of capturing the surfer but also the complex movement of water as it becomes part of the subject’s environment, making each image an artwork in itself.

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